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Swaminathan Mani’s Eye Opening Experience watching Blind Cricket Match

“While I had heard and read about visually challenged playing cricket, I got an opportunity to watch such a cricket match sponsored by Samanvai Society. It was really an eye opener for me to see the very enthusiastic players compete in the true spirit of the game. It also showed the triumph of the players to overcome the challenges and enjoy life to the fullest. It was really fun to watch and follow Mahender’s ball to ball commentary. My thanks to Samanvai society for taking up this initiative to organize the cricket match for the visually challenged and making it a grand success. May this become a regular feature with more participation in the years to come. As a nation, we have a long way to go for inclusive participation and providing equal opportunity for differently abled in all human endeavors. Every small step in that direction is worthy of encouragement and support.”

Comment from Priyashri Mani

“Watching the cricket match was a wonderful experience. I was of course moved by the spirit of the people playing the game, but was more fascinated by the way the experience challenged my own understanding of the way we see, feel and understand the world around us. Our worlds can be perceived in so many different ways. Perhaps we need many more voices that are loud and clear, from these different worlds, to understand each other. ”

Dr. Reddy’s Foundation’s managing trustee, Anuradha Gunupati’s experience with Samanvai!

“Samanvai has gone far beyond my expectations for just its first year. This is a very noble cause and I am happy to see the help and support it has provided to the many disabled boys and girls. I am happy to provide with the initial assistance that they would have required to establish and to work towards making our society an inclusive one. I wish Samanvai with its enthusiastic team success in all its endeavors.”

Comment from Vidyaranya faculty member K.Veena Rani,

“When I visited the Samanvai state level final Cricket match, it was amazing to see visually challenged youth playing with zeal and high spirits. I always thought that normal people support these people. But it is the other way round. I felt “where there is a will, there is a way.” It was a learning experience for me. This program should be sent across all over so that every individual gets to learn about life. I am always there for Samanvai!”

Testimonial from Jaywant Naidu, Chartered accountant and Hawaiian Guitarist

“As I entered Sarojini Cricket Academy to watch the ‘Samanvai Cricket for Blind’, my eyes were opened to a new world of sport, dependent on the sounds of the cricket ball. The sounds of the cricket ball made every youth run with energy like the sounds of music which energize everyone. All the best to Samanvai.”

Emily Brown’s Volunteer experience with Samanvai

Volunteering for Samanvai for the past year has been an incredible experience. As a Samanvai volunteer in the United States, I raise money for the organization both through applications for grants and through fund raising at local events at MIT. In addition, I try to spread awareness of the organization around the MIT campus and throughout the community, so that Samanvai can gain international recognition. It has been incredibly rewarding working with Samanvai, especially assisting in Samanvai’s new projects, such as the Braille library. I learnt about the educational, vocational, rehabilitation, and career needs of people with multiple disabilities. I sincerely advise everyone to show not just sympathy on people with disabilities, but rather try to help them to become successful in their career. Given my experience, I know that people with disabilities can become very independent with everything they do. So don’t think that they are burden. I am very happy to contribute my time to Samanvai. In the future, I would like to commit more time and energy for helping out in Samanvai I would especially like to be able to visit Samanvai and help out in the Center in person sometime over the next year. Samanvai’s services are incredibly helpful for multi-disabled students. So I request that everyone utilizes Samanvai’s support services and achieve the future dreams. I thank Samanvai for providing me with an opportunity to help Samanvai in my own way.

Priyanka Saha’s volunteering experience

“As a student at MIT in Cambridge, MA, USA, I have volunteered for Samanvai for the past year now. I have assisted Srikanth (one of the founder members of samanvai) in many Samanvai activities such as writing and editing grant and fellowship proposals, proof reading content for the website and presentations. I have also had the pleasure of presenting Samanvai’s mission at Indian cultural functions on MIT’s campus while also holding fund raisers. Volunteering for Samanvai has truly been an eye-opening experience for me. It has shown me the power of ideas and of believing in a great vision. I am continuously awed by Srikanth’s drive and motivation to do good for Indian students with disabilities. and Samanvai has inspired me to learn more about disabilities and to strive to break barriers in improving the lives of people with disabilities in India. I will continue to support samanvai in my reach. I am sure volunteers will not only help disabled students but also learn the value of service. I request all generous volunteers to come forward and contribute in this mass noble vision.”

Comment from MIT professor Sam Bowring

I have known Srikanth Bolla since his first day at MIT and have served as his advisor as well as his teacher in the Terra scope Program. Simply put, Srikanth is inspirational – his unbounded enthusiasm, energy, and optimism are truly remarkable. I am happy to support Srikanth and Samanvai as they plan to change the world, one step at a time. Samanvai services will help disabled people to achieve equal opportunities in education, employment and in other areas, given that there are minimal opportunities for disabled people in India. I urge all to take the time to read the website, communicate with Samanvai associates and donate what you can towards this phenomenal program. Srikanth Bolla will play a major role in change for India and the world and demonstrate that he can use his own experiences to develop mechanisms for helping others and leading by example.