Remarkable achievement by Samanvai student, AnjinayuluMandla, in passing Associate Company secretary (ACS) Foundation National Entrance Exam

Anjinayulu has been working very hard for the past two years to passthe ACS National Entrance Exam and secure an executive level seat. Finally, his hard work paid off a few days ago when Institute of CompanySecretaries of India (ICSI) announced the entrance exam results. Anjinayulu could not control his happiness when he sawhis name on the list of merit students. He dedicates his achievement to his hard work, Samanvai’s support, and his coachinginstitute effort in preparing him for the exam. He remarked, “I would not have gained quality education in reputed colleges, extracurricular skills and especially great respect in the society without the help from Samanvai. I can’t thank Samanvai members with words but I can only make them happy with my success.I always feel that I am under great care and mentoring. I thank my coaching institute and faculty for taking good care of me along with other sighted students. I will work hard and achieve many more things. Now I am confident that I will definitely become the companysecretary for multinationalcompanies like Microsoft and Google.” This is the first time in Andhra Pradesh that a blind student has cleared the ACS entrance exam. Several Samanvai students have pursued charteraccountancy courses, but Anjinayulu is the first student toclear ACS.

“Anjinayulu was very hard working from his schooling. He would always come to Samanvai computer center and read his material using the computer. He even came many times during holidays. His great determination and focused goal made him to achieve ACS result. This is only the beginning for him we are very confident that he can achieve much more! Let’s wait and see him achieving step by step success,” said Samanvai member Swarnalatha. Samanvai always strives to help students to achieve great things in life, like Anjinayulu has. “We hope many more challenged students derive inspiration from students like Anjinayulu and come up in life.We will continue to support Anjinayulu as he moves step by step to achieve his ultimate goal. We wish him all the best for future and congratulate him for his achievement,” said Samanvai members.

Now Anjinayulu is preparing for the executive level exam,which consists of two groups. He explained, “I am pretty sure that I can clear two groups simultaneously along with my graduation. Clearing two groups takesaround 8 months. After clearing the second stage, I have to do an internship for 18 months to be eligible for third level which is professional.” Anjinayulu plans to prepare for professional finalexam during his internship and he plans to take two months full time to prepare for professional exam. “Once I clear third stage, I plan to work for global companies like Microsoft and Google.” Anjinayulu plans to do his MBA at an international university after he gains enough work experience. “Ultimately, I would like to start my own company to work on rural development and social welfare,” affirmed Anjinayulu.

Once again, congratulations to the young and dynamic rising star Anjinayulu.Please click here to read Anjinayulu’s detailed success story. Click here to view news coverage about his memorable achievement.