An Interview with Samanvai Laptop Recipient Mr. S. Kistaiah

Samanvai is determined to help students with disabilities in the realms of education, employment and finance. Recently Samanvai worked with Jobs 4 Youth lead by Ms. MeeraShenoy to provide laptops for students studying in various universities. Samanvai was able to provide four laptops to four of its students and is working to provide laptops to more students. One of the laptop recipients is S. Kistaiah, Masters in Political Science at Central University of Hyderabad. I had the pleasure of meeting this confident and young aspiring policy maker who has visual impairment for a brief interview.

When asked about how he felt when he received a laptop for his educational purposes, Kistaiah responded, “I would like to express my hearty thanks to Samanvai for helping me out to receive a netbook computer for my studies. I read all my E-text/electronic books using computer.” He uses the computer with the help of a screen reader called JAWS and uses keyboard shortcuts to perform all operations. As he enters information to the computer, the output is generated in the form of audio so that Kistaiah can hear any key or command. When I asked him about how he uses the computer for his education he said, “I write my research papers, complete my assignments and take class notes on my computer.”

My next question was about his experience with his netbook over a desktop PC or standard laptop. “I like my netbook over PC because I can carry it around to my classes, library and wherever I go to do my work. Netbook offers reliability and portability. I can simply carry it in my backpack,” he replied.I asked him about how he got selected to receive a netbook, and he replied “Samanvai usually helps students who are very hard working and studying well. This maximizes the opportunity to students who are really working hard to study and achieve their career goals like me. I especially thank Swarnalatha, a Samanvai member, and MeeraShenoy for their kind help.

When asked about how Samanvai’s support helps students, “Samanvai is very unique in supporting students in spite of their grades, financial background and intelligence levels. Samanvai’s main vision is to encourage hardworking students to make them bright students and role models to all others. So I really liked this way of support. Samanvai’s services are very helpful for students who are especially continuing their studies. So I sincerely request Samanvai to continue their help to many more students like me. Samanvai will not compromise on the quality of its services and will never relax from supporting students.”

I was interested to know his reason for studying Political Science: “Politics is very important for every nation. Many people think that politics does not have any value. But this is not correct. I would like to add value to the field of politics. I personally would love to go in to policy making and civil services. I would like to develop new effective policies for the upliftment of people with disabilities in education and employment.”

Please browse the Samanvai website for more information and how students can get help from Samanvai. Samanvai wishes Mr. Kistaiah a bright future and that he may fulfill his dream as a policymaker to help many students like him in the future.

Written by Srikanth Bolla
Source of information: interview with Mr. Kistaiah and Samanvai