From a Small Rural Village in Coastal Andhra to Orissa Law University (THE INSPIRATIONAL TALE OF NAGABABU AREPALLI)

“Every obstacle that I have been facing only makes me stronger and strengthens my dreams of becoming a legal advisor to a multinational company.” said Nagababu, a young law student. He is currently studying B.A, L.L.B. in the National law University – Orissa. He is the first of Samanvai’s visually challenged students from Andhra Pradesh to get admission in the National Law University of Orissa. “I am extremely happy to get admission in national law school. I never imagined that this career would be possible in the past during my schooling in Hyderabad. Although I wanted to do law, I did not have the proper guidance until the Increasing Diversity by Increasing Access (IDIA) project gave hopes to transform my dreams into reality when I was in my first year of intermediate junior college.” As an IDIA staff member put it: “The IDIA project seeks to find ways to reach out to students from economically poor or underprivileged regions of India, sensitize them to law as a career option and help those interested to acquire admission to the top National Law Universities.”

IDIA staff worked with Nagabagu and other students for two years during his junior college, provided counseling, and continuous CLAT coaching which helped him to secure admission. “Weekly exams were very helpful. Even after I joined the university, IDIA staff continued their mentoring and provided laptop and audio/E text law material to students with the help of Samanvai so that we can access the material without their assistance.” IDIA members added: “Almost all students graduated from national law schools get campus recruitment in bit companies with huge package. So I am confident that our students will be well settled once they graduate.” She further added: “Completing five years of a law program is not easy. National law schools expect continuous hard work, logical approach to problems and assignments, continues reading requirements and public speaking skills. These are a few examples, but this program teaches everything about law and how to become a successful leader who can do justice and protect law. However, with the intense coaching our students had and looking at first year performance, we are very sure that they will be successful will come out in flying colors.

Speaking further about his ultimate goal, Nagababu said: “I would like to become a legal advisor to a multinational company in India. I always like to be truthful and loyal to humanity. So I would like to help people who are in need of justice.”

Nagababu is from an agricultural labor family that lives in a small village called Dodlapallam in Krishna district of Andhrapradesh. “I was born with a visual impairment problem. I was the only blind boy in my village. Our parents had no idea about how I would be able to study and become a useful citizen and productive citizen in this nation. I spent a few years without doing anything. Later on with the help of Srikanth, one of the founder members of samanvai, I came to Hyderabad and started my schooling. I faced several challenges with regard to the new language, the people, and the city. However, I made a stronger effort to overcome all my problems and continued my education.” said Nagababu. He studied at Devnar School up to his tenth class and then did intermediate in a special college with Civics, Economics and commers. Nagababu excelled in school as a bright student, sportsmen and as a good leader. He is a national chess player and a state blind cricket player. He also participated in the volleyball tournaments for the visually challenged. “During my schooling, I was recognized and encouraged by my school teacher Swarnalatha who is now a founder member of samanvai. So samanvai continued helping me in education, financial aid and in career guidance counseling. “Though I passed my tenth and intermediate well, I hardly have computer knowledge. Even after joining law program, I seriously faced problems in using my laptop due to lack of practical interaction with computers priar to joining law university.” So Nagababu took intense computer training at Samanvai during the summer of 2012. “Before coming to Samanvai I have very little knowledge about computers, now I can operate computers well. I experienced quality teaching and friendly care from the Samanvai computer faculty. I always receive great respect from Samanvai staff. I have never seen any computer training center that follows a concrete syllabus in teaching from basics to advance level software’s. I had ample opportunity to do practices on my own and access all softwares and high speed internet. I have never seen a computer center connected by a local area network connection and printer. I don’t have proper words to thanks Samanvai’s for its help. Samanvai helps me with audio, brail and E text educational material and also helps me with college tuition. I have never seen an organization like this that is providing a stronger platform for students with multiple disabilities. Samanvai is the source of bright careers for people like me. I am constantly mentored and cared for by Samanvai members. If students can approach Samanvai, then their challenges will be solved and will have a successful future. I strongly recommend Samanvai’s services to all blind and other people with various disabilities. I derive inspiration from Samanvai members in community service. I will definitely help others who need my services legally, intellectually, financially, and professionally in future. I thank Samanvai from the bottom of my heart and I wish Samanvai to continue its services to more students like me.” Said Nagababu.Samanvai will not relax until they achieve an inclusive India. Samanvai wishes Nagababu a bright future. Please browse through the Samanvai website to know more about its services.