Tutorial services in Braille, Mathematics and other sciences

Many visually challenged children find it difficult to learn Braille and mathematics as these subjects require significant physical and mental ability. The majority of schools in the cities are not well equipped to assist children in Braille and mathematics. To support children in learning Braille, mathematics and other science subjects, Samanvai started a tutorial program for school/college students in Braille.

Initially, children up to the age of 14 to 15 years are given training in these areas (from Classes 1 through 8). Depending on the needs of the children, Samanvai is planning to expand the services to older teens. We would like to arrange tutoring sessions for students after tenth grade so that they can better understand science subjects. We use tactile models and drawing boards to explain visual and diagrammatic concepts. These tutoring sessions might be on one-on-one basis if required by students. We also arrange mathematics classes. We use adaptive methods to explain and teach difficult concepts.

All students who want to get help should come to the Samanvai office and tell us which subject or subjects they are interested in. Our application procedure is very simple. Interested students can complete our application form here and submit. Alternatively, students can come to the office and get help directly. Once we receive the request from students, we will group students as necessary. Then we will organize classes, most typically during evenings. We will not follow a concrete syllabus, but we will teach whatever students could not follow in the conventional classroom and what they want to learn in these tutoring sessions. Students should contact our teaching faculty for class times and other details. Please see our Contact Us section for directions to our office. All questions should be directed to info@samanvai.org.