Samanvai Financial Services

Over the years, Samanvai associates have supported many students in successfully completing their education, achieving career goals and fulfilling their basic needs like food, clothing, and shelter. Now, as an officially recognized center, we plan to increase our support for disabled students throughout Andhra Pradesh.

We would like to continue our efforts in supporting students in fulfilling their educational expenses like tuition fees, hostel fees, books, recorded audio educational material, Braille slates, mathematical tools like Taylor frames and also for the sciences. We also intend to support provision of technological needs like computers, digital voice recorders, tape recorders and technology training if required.

We will also provide for transportation expenses including bus passes, travel charges to participate in sporting events, and other needs if required, as well as for personal needs including food, clothing and miscellaneous expenses. This support will mainly apply to students after their tenth grade. This is because most students studying in blind schools until tenth grade get free education with lodging and boarding. After tenth grade students may not receive any support due to their economic background, so we would like to see all students getting good education irrespective of their financial status. To reach some of these goals we are offering student scholarships.

Samanvai scholarships

There are two main types of scholarships available to students.

  1. need based scholarships
  2. merit based scholarships

Our application process includes three steps to determine the eligibility of financial support to students: filling out an online or print application form, review of the application form, and finally a brief interview.

All students applying for any scholarship should do the following.

  1. Students must fill out the application form, which can be filled on online here or downloaded as a PDF here or word here The form can then be returned my mail, courier, or as an attachment to email. Additionally, students can come to the Samanvai office in Begumpet and get help from our receptionist to fill out the application.
  2. Attend an interview with Samanvai staff to determine your needs and the possibilities for assistance.

We take all measures to support as many students as we can. We do not deny students because of their weaknesses. In fact we will help the student to overcome challenges to achieve proper progress in their education and career. However, we will not offer scholarship to students who do not show proper interest and investment in education and in extracurricular activities.

All students must follow required deadlines. Applications received after allotted time may not be considered. Please try to stay up to date with the timeline and other guidelines in our announcements section. Also read carefully about each scholarship. We modify and/or add more scholarships from time to time so students should keep up with our site. Once we receive all applications, our selection team will carefully evaluate the student’s needs, educational strengths, other activities, financial information and other requirements. Once the team determines that the student is eligible for financial help, students will be contacted by the school and the necessary procedures will be followed. If the student is not eligible, we try to talk to the student and find out about the need and see how we can help further.