Rehabilitation services

Counseling and Guidance

Caregivers of children with visual impairment and additional disabilities will be counseled to accept the disability. Guidance will be given on the future course of action to make the individual with disability self-reliant.


Our assessment involves an evaluation of the client’s abilities and limitations in areas such as developmental milestones, cognition, daily living skills, speech and language and orientation and mobility by our multi-disciplinary team.

Formulation of a Rehabilitation Plan

An individualized rehabilitation plan will be formulated based on the findings of our team. Training will proceed according to their recommendations.

Referrals and Recommendations

Keeping in view the continuity of services provided, children with multiple disabilities from different geographical areas will be referred to centers located close to them.

Special skill training

Training will be given to children with multiple disabilities in special skills such as motor skills, sensory integration, cognitive development, communication skills, socialization skills, daily living skills, orientation and mobility.

Educational services

Educational services will be provided based on the child’s ability and level and degree of disability. Services include functional academics, preparation of relevant teaching material, pre-school training and admission in special, integrated, and inclusive schools.

Vocational Rehabilitation

This involves assessing and helping the individual to prioritize his/her values, goals and interest and to identify suitable alternatives for vocational opportunities. On this basis, information on availability of training facilities will be arranged.

Support services

Guidance and assistance will be given to procure medical certificates, travel concessions, aids, appliances, educational facilities, etc.

Resource room facility

Keeping in view the continuity as per the parent and family needs, relevant information and short-term training will be given to cope with their children’s challenges.

Educational and exposure visits

Field trips will be arranged for children with multiple disabilities and their parents to provide a variety of experiences and to give first-hand learning experiences.