Our employment search program for differently abled people

For generations, people with disabilities in India have had great difficulty in obtaining equal opportunities in education, employment and human benefits. Common myths in society construct barriers that prevent success, for even family members commonly overprotect or neglect them. Community members, neighbors and people in the society often make people with disabilities feel more depressed and cause them to lose their self-confidence and self-respect by showing sympathy instead of opportunities to excel. When people with disabilities are ready to perform, why cannot Indian society accept them and create equal opportunities? Here at Samanvai, we would like to create awareness among mainstream society-mainly in corporate and public companies-about the strengths of people with disabilities.

Most firms think that people with disabilities cannot work with full potential like people without disabilities; however, this is not necessarily correct. With help of present assistive technology, people with disabilities can, in fact, work with full potential and with complete concentration, dedication and commitment. We would like to create awareness among people in all companies to convince them to employ people with disabilities who meet their company requirements. We encourage employers to show equal opportunities instead of sympathy or pity, for we want everyone to treat disabled people like normal people with proper technology. We encourage companies to provide accessible tools and assistive technology for disabled people to work well. We are glad to help companies install and get proper tools that are compatible with accessible technology. We even try to train students to acquire necessary work skills based on company’s requirements before they join in work. As part of our awareness campaigns, we would like to give presentations in different companies and make them understand the strengths of people with disabilities and remove negative barriers. We recommend students who have good profiles to the companies for suitable designated roles in the companies. We even help companies with initial screening in computer skills, communication, education, and other requirements.

We are willing to support firms with any problems faced by employees with disabilities at any time. Generally, we try to monitor our students wherever they are. Companies can organize job fairs and job training programs with us. It would be very nice if interested companies can let us know the type of jobs they have and the type of people they want. Then we will match students accordingly. Students and companies can reach us by using the information in our Contact Us section. Students looking for full-time or part-time jobs should provide their information to us online or offline. Students can provide their information to us in multiple ways.  Students can:

Though there are multiple ways to submit information, we do understand for some students, these methods are not possible. We also understand that students do not have Internet access. Students can come to our computer center for Internet access. Students can also come to our office to take help from our people to submit your information. Note, all students should have their updated resume ready to fill in the application or submit the completed application form. After careful analysis, we will contact the student for further screening if we find a potential match. Whenever there is an opportunity, we will forward the resume of the student to concerned employers for further screening and interview. Once the student is employed, we will try to monitor the progress and any challenges that come up. Students and employers can contact us by using the information on our contact us section. All questions should be directed to info@samanvai.org.