Mentoring and counseling services


We at Samanvai believe that every student should have a proper mentor who can guide him/her in education and career. In India, most parents from rural areas are not educated enough to guide their children, so teachers and tutors take this responsibility. However, once the students finish their school education, teachers are no longer able to guide the students and so many students face difficulties in making life decisions. Therefore, Samanvai would like to fill this gap and provide every student with a mentor.

These mentors are our volunteers and will talk to the students, inspire them, and help them to achieve their career goals. We will help set up meetings between students and volunteers during evenings and weekends. We mainly ask our volunteers to share their life struggles and other problems in education, finance, etc. We want every student to know that nothing comes easy in life, so we want our volunteers to inspire students with their own success stories. Students who want to have mentors and proper guidance should contact Samanvai office in advance so that we can talk to the student about what he or she wants to achieve from their interaction with a mentor. We can then match a student with the best available mentor. For example, if the student wants to learn something in accounting, then we will try to arrange a meeting with a volunteer who can explain accounting.

Students can have informal interactions with our volunteers. Usually these sessions will last for one to two hours. Volunteers can talk to the students about anything regarding education and career. We would also like to expose students to happenings in the world, so we also ask our volunteers to talk to students about current news, politics and education related policies. Please see our contact us page to contact us in advance.


Counseling is essential for those with disabilities so that they may overcome challenges that their disabilities pose in everyday life and may perform at a higher level. In modern India, there are many rural and urban disabled students who are confined to their homes due to lack of proper counseling and guidance. We provide counseling services to students who feel shy, nervous and/or depressed because of their disability. We plan to use live examples to convince students who think that they cannot do anything because of their disability.
Even today there are many families who think that their disabled child will not be able to do anything because of their challenges, so we also plan to educate parents of disabled kids. We plan to organize counseling programs for parents and children separately. Later, we also plan to go to different rural areas and find students who are not aware of the opportunities for multi-disabled people. We need our volunteers to help us in this service. We also use appropriate medical care if required, during counseling. Parents should contact the Samanvai office if they think that their child needs guidance or counseling. Please use the information on our contact us page to reach us.