Extracurricular activities

We, at Samanvai, believe that disabled students should be given equal opportunities in sports, arts, and extracurricular activities.. Samanvai strongly encourages students to participate in various sporting events, competitions, music, singing and other activities. We plan to sponsor travel and living expenses for students who want to take part in the above mentioned activities.

Students who need financial assistance to participate in any activity should fill out our travel grant application form. Alternatively people can come to the office and get help to complete the form and discuss possibilities. Please see our contact page for our address and location.

We also encourage students to develop skills in using the computer for entertainment such as playing computer games or accessing the Internet. We have a number of resources to make computer games accessible for disabled people on our resources section. We also have game files with us in our office. Students who do not have Internet access can come to our office and get games from us. We will help the student with installation. We strongly encourage students to take part inactivities such as cricket, chess, singing, music, computer games and other fun
activities. All these activities can build confidence, sportiveness, competitive spirit, hard work and holistic development. We plan to help students financially to achieve holistic development,so students should contact us in advance for travel grants. Once we verify the eligibility of the applicant we help the student accordingly. We also plan to organize various events like chess,
cricket, music, singing and debate competitions. Please use the information on our contact us page toreach us if you have any queries or comments. All questions should be directed toinfo@samanvai.org.