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Samanvai in the Media

Sakshi news article on Samanvai's support services, achievements and students.

Samanvai family greatly appreciates Sakshi paper for creating an awareness about the services that Samanvai is currently offering to people with multiple disabilities on the occasion of Louis Braille birthday (Jan fourth) We strongly believe that Awareness is the key to once success. We receive many calls from needy students with various disabilities from all corners of the country for help when they read news articles like this. we are glad Sakshi paper projected Samanvai's vision, it's activities and beneficiaries on fourth January (birthday of memorable personality Louis Braille, who ignited the lamp of literacy in the lives of visually challenged people. Please click here to read the news article.

Eenadu news coverage about Samanvai’s support services for people with disabilities

samanvai thanks Eenadu Telugu newspaper for creating awareness about our vision and mission to help people with disabilities to achieve their goals and have bright career. Please click here to read the news coverage on eight July 2012.

News coverage on Samanvai challenger's trophy, June 8th and 9th 2012

Samanvai successfully organized its first state level blind cricket tournament at Hyderabad. Please click here to read the complete details about cricket tournament in which six teams participated from different parts of the state and yellow lions from Bobbili won the tournament.

It was dream come true for all players when they spoke to Kapil dev, Indian legendary cricketer on the phone. He wished all the players and said that he loves them and their spirit! Please click here to watch the video phone talk. Thanks to press for creating the awareness through their news articles. Please click the links below to read the news articles about the cricket tournament.

News article on the Remarkable achievement by Samanvai student, Anjinayulu Mandla

Samanvai is always glad to see it's students doing wonders with proper mentoring and support. one among many is this memorable history created by Anjinayulu, by passing Associate Company secretary (ACS) Foundation National Entrance Exam. this is the first time for a visually challenged student to pass ACS foundation in andhra pradesh. Click here to read Eenadu news article. Please click here to read detailed article on Anjinayulu's achievement. You can also click here to read his inspiring success story.

News coverage on Samanvai first Annual Celebration, January 7th 2012

Samanvai celebrated the completion of first successful year with very good track record. Samanvai helped many students with disabilities in education, vocational rehabilitation, employment, extracurricular activities and so on! Please read Eenadu news article for more details!