Samanvai challenger’s trophy

Samanvai has successfully completed the state level cricket tournament on 8th and 9th June 2012 at Hyderabad. Six teams from different parts of the state participated with great enthusiasm and played with a high competitive spirit. Around 200 people gathered to watch this eye opening and entertaining tournament played by visually challenged youth. Sumithra, one of the founder members of Samanvai said “Wow! I never knew that blind cricketers can play like sited players. I am amazed at their coordination in the field and during running between the wickets. This is totally contagious. We may organize these kinds of cricket tournaments in future to bring out budding talent from young cricketers like Durgarao”. Organizers divided six teams into two groups. Group A had three teams: the Green Gorillas from Hyderabad, the Yellow Lions from Bobbili and the Black Cobras from Hyderabad. Group B had three teams: the Red Rhinos from Tirupathi, the White Tigers from Vishakhapatnam and the Blue Bulls from Hyderabad. Mahendar the match referee said “We picked up the best team from each group based on their performance in the two league matches played by each team with other teams in the group”. Aditionally he said “we organized 5 league matches on Friday and one league match plus the final on Saturday. I am very happy that we could complete all the matches on time with the cooperation from player’s, organizing team, ground staff and umpires.”

Organizers picked the Yellow Lions from group A after winning two matches, one against the Green Gorillas by 95 runs and a second against the Black Cobras chasing 59 runs in just two overs. The White Tigers from group B after winning two matches, first against the Blue Bulls with very nice chase just on time and second against the Red Rhinos with great ease. The memorable final match between Yellow Lions (groupA) and the White Tigers (group B) took place on Saturday the 9th June 2012. “It was a great entertaining match in the entire tournament. Though I am aware of blind cricket, I never saw an outstanding match like the final. I did not know that players can hit the ball outside the stadium”, said Sandhya, founder members of Samanvai. The audience stood up on their toes to watch the final match.

Priya one of the spectators said“I suddenly realized rain drops falling on the ground. I was very much upset that rain might ruin the final match which was so interesting. However, rain blessed the finalists and went away. This match reminded me India and Australia in terms of hitting, bowling and fielding.” The White Tigers won the toss and elected to bat first. They made 125 in 10 overs. Then the Yellow Lions chased this target in just 7 overs. The Yellow Lion’s batsmen took bowlers for a ride. The Yellow Lions opener Durgarao (young 9th grader) sent the ball all over the ground and outside the ground. He started and ended his innings with magnificent boundaries and flashing sixes. Durgarao bought his team a win with his personal score of 96 unbeaten. He played excellent innings in the first match on the Green Gorillas from Hyderabad. He was unbeaten with 100. He stood as the best batsman with two man of the matches and man of the series. “I love to play cricket. I am extremely happy to play well in this tournament. I never thought I would play like this as we did not have enough practice. This is my first tournament. I am looking forward to play much better in future tournaments. I really thank Samanvai for providing me an opportunity to show my cricket talent. If organizations like Samanvai can create more opportunities like this, many young players like me will come out. My aim is to play in the Indian team as the youngest player.”

Latha Mani one of the founding members of Samanvai said“I am sure he will be recognized with his performance in this tournament.” Umpires had to maintain full concentration and had to keep their eyes wide open to watch for the ball that shot like a bullet over the field.” One of the referees said“We had great exercise in this tournament moving all over to make appropriate signals. We really enjoyed this tournament, particularly the final match. We forgot the harsh sun and enjoyed players showing their hidden talent.” The White Tigers collapsed on the ground after losing the final match. Organizers tried very hard to console players, “This is a game in which one has to win and one has to lose. Losing makes a sportsman realize his mistakes and be prepared for future. Today you made some mistakes in fielding and hence you could not control Durgarao and other batsman. Please take this match sportive and I am sure you will win in the next tournament.”

Srikanth, founder members of samanvai consoled and congratulated losing team by saying “You guys are awesome!” After a long time, the White Tiger’s captain said in vain, “this is a very sad match for us. We have been losing in finals from few tournaments in spite of high target.” The White Tiger’s team captain said,“ Organizers restricted Indian team players from this tournament in order to give a chance to younger players,or otherwise we would have won this match as we have an Indian player in our team.” In response to the white tigers captain’s statement, Swarnalatha said: “almost all the teams have Indian players but our main idea is to bring out young fresh talent and provide opportunity to new players. We were very much successful in doing so. By restricting senior players, 90% of new players got chance. We are glad to identify future talent for state team. Young players like Durgarao are capable of playing for state team and thereby in the Indian team”.

Vamsi from the Green Gorrillas and Bargava from the Black Cobras said “ I completely agree with samanvai’s decision to provide opportunity to new players like me. If senior players play this tournament, many of us might not have gotten an opportunity to prove ourselves” Besides play, organizers did great work in providing comfortable accommodation and delicious food.” Sudhir from Eluru, west Godavari district said “I am really happy with the accommodation and mouthwatering food from the hotel. I did not experience such good food and accommodation anywhere else in other tournaments. The closing ceremony was a spectacular event to witness. Organizers did phenomenal work to make all players happy.”

“Our main aim is to facilitate good conduce atmosphere to all the players. We organized very nice accommodation, food, transport, T- shirts, caps and shoes for some players who did not have. We awarded the match fee of 200 INR, certificate and a complimentary medal to every player who participated in the tournament. On top of this, we awarded two man of the Match awards for the first time to both B1 and B2/B3 categories, best bowler and best fielder of the tournament” Said Srikanth. Nagababu, captain of green gorillas and a man of the match award recipient in his second match on the Black Cobras said “I have not seen two Man of the match awards for every match in any other tournaments. This idea is wonderful! This can encourage B1 players to work hard and perform well. Usually B2 and B3 players will get man of the matches but now, with this extra award reserved for B1 category, I am sure B1 players will compete.” Balakrishna, man of the match received in B2/B3 category in the same match for his lovely innings said“Nagababu played excellent innings his 30 runs helped our team to stand at good target”

B1 player Ramana, recipient of man of the match in the final match from white tigers said “This is the first time I have seen separate man of the match for B1 category. Usually we as B1 players have rare chance to compete for man of the match but now with this new opportunity, we can compete well against other B1 players. The Yellow Lions put up a great show to enjoy in spite of our efforts to restrict them. I congratulate their hard work and memorable victory.” Shankar, captain of the White Tigers said “I thank samanvai for gorgeous runner’s cup and a cash award of 4000 for our team”. The Yellow Lions captain Johnson said “I am proud to receive huge cup from Samanvai organisers and a cash prize of 6000 for our team” Swarnalatha, a founding member of Samanvai in conclusion said “Overall, we had fantastic time and we are very glad that all players enjoyed their stay at Hyderabad. I thank all our generous sponsors without whom we would not have made this cricket tournament a great success! We look forward to organize these kinds of tournaments in future”. Samanvai congratulates and wishes all cricket players A bright future.