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Inspirational examples of differently abled students

Success stories

In present society, most people in schools, colleges and companies do not know how a disabled student can succeed in his or her chosen field in spite of accessible technological developments. Many people think that challenged people cannot even manage daily living skills, cooking, taking care of others, operating computers and using other assistive technologies, so they just show sympathy instead of creating opportunities. We try to motivate people to interact with disabled people to increase social participation and try to show them the innovative techniques that challenged students use to do their daily work. Besides, we help the society to understand about the educational and employment opportunities for disabled people using specific examples and technological tools. We ask students to write about their academic journeys in their schools and colleges. We ask disabled employees to write about the work environment towards challenged people. We try to improve the understanding among people in the corporate world of the need for adaptive technology in companies to accommodate disabled people.

From a Small Rural Village in Coastal Andhra to Orissa Law University (THE INSPIRATIONAL TALE OF NAGABABU AREPALLI)

“Every obstacle that I have been facing only makes me stronger and strengthens my dreams of becoming a legal advisor to a multinational company.” said Nagababu, a young law student. He is currently studying B.A, L.L.B. in the National law University - Orissa. He is the first of Samanvai’s visually challenged students from Andhra Pradesh to get admission in the National Law University of Orissa.”

Remarkable achievement by Samanvai student, AnjinayuluMandla, in passing Associate Company secretary (ACS) Foundation National Entrance Exam

Anjinayulu has been working very hard for the past two years to passthe ACS National Entrance Exam and secure an executive level seat. Finally, his hard work paid off a few days ago when Institute of CompanySecretaries of India (ICSI) announced the entrance exam results. Anjinayulu could not control his happiness when he sawhis name on the list of merit students. He dedicates his achievement to his hard work, Samanvai’s support, and his coachinginstitute effort in preparing him for the exam. He remarked, “I would not have gained quality education in reputed colleges, extracurricular skills and especially great respect in the society without the help from Samanvai.

Anjaneyulu’s Journey

"Disability and financial status are not the factors of success, but strong guidance and support along with one’s hard work are the important elements of one’s success," - Anjaneyulu Mandla, an aspiring industrialist-to-be.

Anjaneyulu, who is visually challenged, comes from a small rural village called Nagavarum located in the Mahabubnagar District, one of the more economically and technologically backward districts of Andhra Pradesh. When asked about his hometown, he mentioned that his village has hardly a few hundred people but most of them are illiterate or poorly educated. He also added that his village does not have good schools or health facilities. “No one knows how to take care of visually challenged children, and people generally think that such children have no potential to benefit society. No one would talk to me when I was small, including my relatives and neighbors," -- said Anjaneyulu.


Sridhar’s Story: The Journey of An Inspirational Samanvai Student

“I very much remember the words of Mother Theresa who once said that ‘loving hearts to love and willing hands to serve is the best medicine for unwanted.’ I pretty much can say the same thing about Samanvai… Samanvai’s support makes me feel that I am not disabled but differently abled and can do anything on par with sighted students.” – Sridhar


Inspirational Story of First Blind Woman from Andhra Pradesh to Study Chartered Accountancy

Udayasri is currently studying chartered accountancy from the nationalay reputed college, Superwhizz, in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. Simultaneously, she is doing a Bachelors of Science in Commerce from Balaji Degree College. She is also preparing for the ICWA. She aspires to become a responsible CEO of a multinational company and successfully lead the company. Udaya believes in financial independence and is very much looking forward to helping students like her in the future.


An Interview with Samanvai Laptop Recipient Mr. S. Kistaiah

“I would like to express my hearty thanks to Samanvai for helping me out to receive a netbook computer for my studies. I read all my E-text/electronic books using computer.” said Kistaiah. He uses the computer with the help of a screen reader called JAWS and uses keyboard shortcuts to perform all operations. As he enters information in the computer, the output is generated in the form of audio so that Kistaiah can hear any key or command.


Shekar’s academic journey

“I don’t understand why people often tell me that I am vision impaired when I am gifted with internal vision to aim high and work hard to achieve my goals,” said the young future chartered accountant T. Shekar.

Shekar is from the very rural village Thimmapur, Kandukur Mandal, Ranga Reddy district in Andhra Pradesh, India. Having been born to a peasant father and home-maker mother, Shekar has great respect for education. Though he was born blind, Shekar was not content to remain at home as many blind kids do.