Diwali celebrations at Samanvai campus

Diwali is considered as the festival of victory of good over bad, festival of lighting and mainly the festival of children. Irrespective of once economic background and financial status, elders and kids come together and celebrate this festival with great joy. But people with disabilities are not able to participate in this celebration due to lack of awareness, support and courage from normal people. As always, we believe in holistic development and social awareness. Most people in the society think that people with disabilities may not participate in celebrations, rituals and fun events. But that is not correct. Even severe disabled people can participate in all rituals like the diwali celebrations with support and supervision from friends, parents and volunteers.

Everyone has strong misconception that disabled people may hurt themselves by bursting crackers. So people keep challenged people out of the diwali celebrations. Even most parents of challenged kids advise them not to involve in bursting crackers as they may cause damage to kids. But we at samanvai strongly feel that people with disabilities should be involved in all social and fun events like normal people. We do understand the risk in dealing with fire crackers, however, the risk is there for everyone irrespective of their disability. So we advise normal people to assist disabled people in bursting fire crackers. This helps us to provide inclusive exposure to disabled people. We at Samanvai always try to achieve equal rights and inclusive society for disabled people. In 2011, we achieved appreciation from the society for successfully organizing colorful celebration. With this encouragement, we are planning to celebrate diwali at samanvai campus on Monday the 12th of November from 4 to 8 PM.

This will be a very enjoyable event for all our students and volunteers. We arranged fire crackers, delicious dinner, sweets and cold beverages with the help of donors. In this event, we took measures to protect our students from any sparks during bursting firecrackers. Each student will be guided by a volunteer. We thank generous donors who supported us with food, sweets, crackers and finally their time. We invite all our donors and well-wishers to come and share the joy with our students. This involvement will provide exchange between volunteers and challenged students. Samanvai wishes everyone a happy and cheerful Diwali!

Job Position available for samanvai Brail press manager

Samanvai needs one employee to manage its brail press. Nature of the work includes but not limited to:

  • Typing, scanning and converting Telugu Hindi and English printed material in to brail.

  • Supervising proof reading, stamping paper, binding brail books,dispatching books to requested schools and keeping records.

  • Required skills: minimum graduation, excellent communication skills in Telugu, English and Hindi, At least 2 to 3 years of work experience in brail printing work and familiarity with duxberry brail translator and Telugu software’s like Baraha or Srilipi.

  • Salary: 10000 INR.

Samanvai Andhra Pradesh State Level Cricket Tournament For The Visually challenged on 8th and 9th June, 2012

Samanvai center for children with multiple disabilities cordially invites all its volunteers, donors and general public who are interested in watching the exciting first state level cricket tournament played by young blind people on 8th of June from 8 AM to 5.30 PM and on the 9th of June from 12 Noon to 5:30 PM. Samanvai is hosting this two day tournament at Sarojini Cricket Academy, RTC Crossroads.

Samanvai believes in providing equal opportunity and exposure to the visually impaired persons to integrate them with the rest of the population. We give equal importance to sports and entertainment along with education and career. Our mission is to remove barriers, promote hidden talent and provide opportunities for extracurricular activities to people with disabilities. Samanvai believes that better exchange of ideas and integration with the rest of the society is possible through sports. Sports not only bring about competitive spirit but also enhance the physical and mental growth.

Samanvai is inviting six teams from different districts in the state. We will be providing accommodation to all out stationed players. Every player will be given a token match fees for every match. Cash prizes for winners and other grand prize will also be awarded. Samanvai will be providing the food for all players and volunteers for the two days.

Samanvai thanks all its committed and generous sponsors who are making this grand event possible with their financial and material support. Samanvai hopes to create awareness about Cricket for the visually impaired with your encouragement and support.

Samanvai requests scribes for intermediate, junior college final exams

Samanvai kindly requests help from volunteers who can spend 5 hours, including driving time, to scribe exams for intermediate first year and second year students who are visually challenged. Blind students usually need help from sighted scribes to script their exams. This will not entail any hard work from the volunteers other than having:

  • Clear plain accent

  • Legible speed hand writing

  • Ability to communicate and read printed exam paper to the student

  • Basic subject knowledge to avoid any confusion regarding symbols, graphics, tables and technical terms.
    Scribes should be able to:

  • Reach the exam location 15 minutes early to avoid any confusion in the last minute.

  • Collect the student at the exam location and proceed to the exam seating area.

  • Clearly read given instructions including the time limit, score information and, if required by the student, the whole exam paper to the student at the beginning of the exam. Once the student gives the answer, scribes should be able to record student’s answer exactly on the answer sheet. We strongly recommend volunteers to refrain from helping or writing the answer in their own words. We recommend scribes to keep an eye on the time and help students stay within the allotted time. Once the exam is completed, scribes should carefully mark all the answers and sheet numbers and fasten them securely. Please have a final word with the student about the completion of the exam and hand in the completed exam to the invigilators available there. Exam timings and locations are given below. Interested volunteers should contact our office by calling 040-27900018 or 9908667878, or by emailing to Please find our contact information on our “Contact Us” page.

The exam timings are from 8AM-11AM. The centre is Nalanda College at S R Nagar, Hyderabad. Dates are:
March 2: Sanskrit
March 5: English
March 7: Civics
March 13: Economics
March 15: Commerce

First Samanvai social gathering at Celebrity Club, Shamirpet Hyderabad

As one of our main goals is to promote awareness and inclusive community for people with disabilities, we are planning to organize a social outing for our students on Friday 27 january 2012. We aim to provide exposure and entertainment to our students. We don’t want challenged students to miss out on the natural right of entertainment. Samanvai thanks one of our well-wishers and alumni Mahendar, an employee of GE Hyderabad for his major contribution to make this trip happen. Samanvai is planning to arrange a bus for students and volunteers to travel to the resort club from the Samanvai campus in the morning at 7 AM. We hope to organize more events like this in future with the generous contributions from well-wishers and donors. We strongly feel that these kinds of social gatherings can create confidence, social strength and friendship among students and volunteer members. We also thank all our volunteers for their kind support. We hope to provide our students and volunteers with a relaxing atmosphere, swimming, horse riding, go carting, water and land rides, games, and delicious food and refreshments throughout the day. Please visit our website for more updates on this trip and future events.

Samanvai first annual celebrations on 4 January 2012

Samanvai has achieved great progress in providing various support services to students with multiple disabilities ever since its inception in January 2011. Now that Samanvai has completed one successful year, its members would like to celebrate the success and prepare for big goals for 2012. Samanvai welcomes donors, well wishers and friends to come and share the joy and Samanvai’s global mission of creating a better tomorrow for students with disabilities.

Launch of Samanvai Braille printing press/library

Samanvai is glad to announce the launch of a Braille printing press and library in this New Year 2012, with a new mission and big goals. The main vision of this project is to print and distribute Brail books, mainly to rural schools for the bling and blind students studying in schools for the sighted. Samanvai is making every effort to identify schools and students who badly need braille books.  School administrations or students can approach us with specific requirements. Please visit our braille press section to find out more about our efforts and how you can request material from us.

Launch of Samanvai rehabilitation services

We are glad to inform our donors, well wishers, parents of children with multiple disabilities and the general public that from 1 August 2011 we are operating rehabilitation services on a regular basis. Through this program we will train children with multiple disabilities using:

  • Counseling (parent & family)

  • Vision therapy

  • Special education

  • And multidisciplinary methods such as physiotherapy, speech therapy, and assessment.

The type of disabilities that we are equipped to handle include:

  • Delayed developmental milestones

  • Premature children

  • Physical challenges

  • Vision problem (cortical visual impairment, RoP, optical atrophy)

  • Cerebral Palsy

  • Autism

  • Mental Retardation with Vision Problem

  • Learning disability

  • Attention deficit disorder

  • Hearing impairment with vision problem

  • Multiple disabilities of any type

We kindly request parents and guardians of these children to apply for our training. You can read more details on our rehabilitation services page. The application procedure is very simple. Parents can bring their children to our office to get an assessment done, and then we will try to provide necessary training and support according to the severity of the child’s disability. All questions should be directed to You can call us at 9908667878 or 9963140521 and find our address on our contact page.

Launch of Samanvai digital library

We are very happy to announce to our volunteers, students and supporters that we are now ready to operate our services in providing audio and text educational material for disabled students through our digital library starting on July 25, 2011. We now ask our students to come and request preferred materials. Students can read about our digital library and the procedure to request educational material in our digital library section under Services. We request volunteers to register to help us in recording the material. Please see our Volunteer opportunities page to learn more about our requirements, registration instructions and how you can help us. We are deeply grateful to our donors who supported us in setting up this digital library.

Launch of Samanvai tutorial services in Braille and mathematics

We are glad to announce that we are now ready to operate our services in Braille and mathematics from August 3, 2011 on a regular basis. Classes will be held from 4 to 7:30 PM. In this program we will teach students about how to write Braille (script used by visually challenged students to write, read and study their educational and other materials) and how to use Arithmetic Frame (a special tool used by blind students for doing mathematics).

We urge interested students and parents of challenged students to use our services. Students can simply come to our office to enroll their name and subject. Interested students can fill our tutorial services’ application form online in our.