Ramesh Babu Vuppalapati

Ramesh Babu demonstrates leadership qualities, ability to stand against problems and find effective solutions, and passion towards social service and Indian culture, arts and agriculture. Ramesh spends most of his time serving people and society. He is a man of social service and a visionary leader. Besides his networking and fundraising abilities, he is well known as a poultry farmer in Andhra Pradesh. Ramesh’s ever-growing passion towards social service, excellent fund raising skills, local and international network and his vision to help people with disabilities makes us proud to have him as an advisory board member. He remarked, “It’s my golden opportunity to be associated with noble fast growing organization and do my best to expand Samanvai’s services to people with disabilities in Andhra Pradesh and India.”

Ramesh served as Regional President ofthe Andhra Pradesh Poultry Federation (APPF) for 11 years.He represented four districts of Rayala seema on behalf of poultry farmers. He served as the main communication between the government authorities and poultry farmers. He conducted various awareness programson effective methods for poultry farming, protecting chickens from diseases and yielding profit out of poultry farming. He provided educational and technical training to farmers through experts and university professors. He brought many subsidies and proper pricing for poultry.

He served as Zonal chairman of the National Egg Coordination Committee (NECC) for 11 years. He functioned as the liaison with the government for highlighting the problems of farmers. He worked hard and achieved profitable pricing for eggs. He also played an important role in executing preventive measures during and after the birdflu crisis. He got several subsidies in grain and for farming. Central Ministers and Officials appreciated him.

Ramesh servedas the Chairman of Farmers advisory committee of Chittoor for 8 years. He educated local farmers on maize cultivation, inspiring them to grow maize. Through the government, he provided free seed, organic and medicinal fertilizers, and funding. He conducted workshops on proper decision making during the selection of specific farming. He expressed the problems faced by maize farmers and got funding for the district.

He also served as the board member of Agricultural Training Management Agency (ATMA) for 8 years. He organized hundreds of awareness programs by experts on water management and better agricultural activities.He set his role as a leader in building better infrastructure and water management system, through proper distribution channels like water tanks, in Chittoor.

Presently, Ramesh is an executive member of Chittoor Town Development Committee. He has played an important role in rural development through this committee. He was able to help lay proper roads in the Chittoor district, constructed household water system and tanks, primary health care centers, indoor stadium, ground for playing outdoor sports, communal swimming pool, and much more!

He also has served as the regional representative to National Press Councilfrom poultry industry for about 7 years. He communicated various issues and problems that poultry farmers face and brought them to light through print media. He achieved great respect from poultry farmers throughout the district.

Presently Ramesh also serves as an executive member of Krishna Devaraya Educational Cultural Academy (KDECA). He played an important role in fundraising for KDECA by campaigning about its function to NRIs in USA.

Currently Ramesh also serves as the Indian Coordinator of Chittoor NRI organization based in the USA. He communicates with the board members of the organization and manages daily operations of the organization in India. Ramesh did several social welfare events through this organization like renovating old schools, helping students planning to study in USA, and helping Indian students and adults facing problems in USA. He highlights problems faced by rural people and does several health camps through this organization.

Ramesh has additionally been serving as the Secretary of Cultural Academy of Chittoor beginning in 2012. He plans and organizes cultural awareness programs, festival celebrations and social awareness programs through this organization. He has great respect from other members of this group. He had several achievements, including providing free artificial legs for people who could not walk, free eye operations to over 50 people and much more!